High Level Advisers Assistants

Our Assistants
Field: Assistant to the EU High-Level Adviser in Anti-money laundering and combating financing of terrorism
Teodor has started his career as an Economist at the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), within the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Unit. After leaving the NBM he joined the investment industry in a private equity and venture capital firm. Later in 2016, he undertook a key position in an I.T. & Consulting company.

Teodor holds a Bachelor degree in Finance and a Master Degree in Investments and Capital Markets from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. Currently he is defending his PhD in a topic related to ML/FT risks in the banking system. His positions allowed him to receive hands-on experience within the following: AML/CFT policies and international standards, financial data Interpretation and analysis, banking supervision, asset management etc.
Lilia Brasovschi
Field: Assistant to the EU High-Level Adviser on Internal Affairs
Lilia has a Bachelor Degree in English&French philology obtained at the State University of Moldova, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Currently, she is doing her Master's in International Relations. Ms Brasovschi has a broad experience in working within projects for Democracy Support and the Prosecution Service Reform in Moldova, and over 10 years of professional experience in project management and coordination, as well as in administrative support, communication and logistics within such organisations as OSCE, the Council of Europe, UN, USAID and Sida.
Natalia Burciu
Field: Assistant to the EU High-Level Adviser on PFM and Macrofinance
Natalia is a graduate in English Philology and an MA in American Cultural Studies of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania. She had been an administrator who had managed the Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO) in Moldova since 2009. Over this period, Natalia offered support to visiting managers and consultants in the monitoring and evaluation of activities in the country, drafting progress and mission reports, providing language assistance and logistical services. In addition, she participated in the support and delivery of international projects aimed at increasing the institutional capacity of the Moldovan Court of Accounts. This has allowed her to learn the concepts of PIFC, internal audit, ISSAIs, good governance, strategic development, annual reporting to Parliament, the work of EUROSAI, INTOSAI, and other relevant bodies. Natalia also has wide interpretation experience.
Aliona Cojocaru
Field: Assistant to EU High Level Adviser on Health Reform
Aliona Cojocaru holds a Master Degree in Business Administration along with over 7 years professional experience in an administrative capacity providing support and assistance in the management and coordination of international project activities. She started her professional career as a Teacher of English at the Institute of Continuing Education within the Foreign Languages Department. Ms Cojocaru has gained experience and knowledge at international level while being a student undertaking courses and conducting a research in the field of Linguistics (English Language) at Trinity College, Oxford University due to the OSI Chevening Oxford Program awarded. Prior to the European Union High Level Advisers’ Mission to the Republic of Moldova, since 2011 Ms. Cojocaru worked in EU Twinning projects implemented at the Ministry of Finance and the Transplant Agency of Moldova. She has also prior work experience with USAID-funded projects implemented in Moldova in the field of agriculture.
Cristina Cotofana
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Environment
Cristina has worked in international assistance for over 15 years. Her expertise covers both administrative and logistic matters, and translation. She has worked in several positions providing assistance and translation services to representatives of various cultures and backgrounds in a range of work areas such as agriculture, environment, regional development, human and animal health, administrative reform, banking and finance, etc. Ms. Cotofana was a team member of several bilateral and multilateral projects working on supporting, enhancing and building capacities of the agricultural, rural and regional development, environment protection and legal approximation, lending, water supply and sanitation, forestry sectors.
Ana Culea
Field: Assistant of the EU High-Level Adviser on Public Administration Reform
Ana graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova in the Finance and Banking field. Actually she studies a Professional Master’s Degree Program, specialization "Management", at the Academy of Public Administration. Ana worked about five years in Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova, in Internal Audit Department and Customs Valuation Department. Working in Customs Service, she undertook various study visits which contributed to the improvement of abilities and development of professional performances. Also she attended a number of courses and seminars at national and international level in customs activity, leadership and management skills, internal audit etc.
Iurie Levinte
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Public Prosecution
Iurie is a lawyer with an overall professional experience of 9 years. He is a graduate of the Law Faculty, State University of Moldova (Chisinau) and holds a master degree in Criminal Law. Iurie started his career as a public servant at the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Moldova. Since 2011, he launched his attorney at law and freelancer activity, being also involved in various national and international projects in the fields of justice sector reform and human rights advocacy. Iurie permanently continued to strengthen his professional knowledge and skills by participation at a large range of events dedicated to law related issues (conferences, trainings, study visits, distance learning courses etc.). His areas of expertise are jurisprudence, justice sector reform and human rights protection mechanisms.
Mihai Malasevschi
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Justice
Mihai’s professional background includes more than 12 years of active work in the legal and legislative fields, among which are more than 8 years experience in public institutions such as the National Parliament, Ministry of Justice, National Office for Social Security etc. Mihai successfully managed a team of 12 lawyers during 2010-2011 as a Head of Legal Department of National Office of Social Security of Republic of Moldova.
From the 2011 Mihai held the position of National Consultant for the Ministry of Justice to support the monitoring process of law enforcement, under the auspices of the United Nations Development Programme.
Last three years Mihai was counselor and later chief of staff of the chairman of parliamentary group in Moldovan National Parliament. He provided legal assistance and counseling to two former Prime-ministers of Republic of Moldova, who (one of them before, second one after termination of mandate) lead the Parliamentary Group from 2013 to 2016.
Mihai holds a Bachelor degree in Law and a Master of Laws degree.
Lucia Micu
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Agriculture and Rural Development
Lucia Micu has previous experience of more than 7 years working as Project Assistant and translator with international organisations implementing foreign donors’ assistance projects. She acquired extensive professional experience during previous employment for the last 4 years being involved in the implementation of the Compact Agreement, financed through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). She worked as Assistant for the Transition to Higher Value Agriculture (THVA) Project. Lucia also was involved in the implementation of USAID Commercial Law Reform Project and Fiscal Reform Project during 1998-2002 years. Lucia is fluent in Romanian, Russian, English and French, has a bachelor degree in law and also has a diploma of English translator. By providing various administrative support and performing working duties with high professional manner and responsible attitude contributed to successful implementation of the project activities.
Olesea Moghilda
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Regional Development
Olesea holds Master’s Degree in English Philology from Moldova State University and has 9 years of work experience in international organisations such as OSCE Mission to Moldova, UNDP, OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Missions. Olesea started her carrier as University lecturer at the Moldova State University of Moldova, teaching Business English and English Correspondence. In 2007, Olesea was employed by the OSCE Mission to Moldova as Translator/Interpreter and later was promoted to the position of Political Assistant/Senior Interpreter. In 2012, Olesea got the position of Project Assistant/Interpreter within the UNDP Project “Joint Integrated Local Development Programme”. Moreover, Olesea acted as Senior Political Officer Assistant during two OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Missions (for the Parliamentary Elections of 2014 and General Local Elections of 2015).
Corneliu Munteanu
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Banking
Corneliu holds a Bachelor's degree in International Economic Relations and a Master's degree in European Economic Integration and Neighborhood Policy. Currently he is in the process of defending his PhD in economic security and sustainable economic development. Corneliu has been working for 6 years in the energy field, particularly in the regulation for the last 3 years. On a large axis, he is also lecturer at the Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova, Economic thought, Demography and Geo-economy Department and scientific researcher at the National Institute for Economic Research.

Corneliu has 12 scientific articles published internationally, 2 public lectures in Poland and participated in more than 16 international scientific conferences.
Stanislav Petrascu
Field: Assistant to the EU High-Level Adviser on Transport
Stanislav Petrascu has a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations obtained at the State University of Moldova and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from the same University. Before joining the European Union High Level Advisers' mission to the Republic of Moldova, Stanislav has been involved as Local Coordination Expert and as supporting officer in several EU projects in transport area.
He has 10 years of professional experience in coordination of international relations, external communication, as well as executive and administrative support, within different state institutions and enterprises of Moldova.