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Mihai Malasevschi
Mihai Malasevschi
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Justice
Mihai’s professional background includes more than 12 years of active work in the legal and legislative fields, among which are more than 8 years experience in public institutions such as the National Parliament, Ministry of Justice, National Office for Social Security etc. Mihai successfully managed a team of 12 lawyers during 2010-2011 as a Head of Legal Department of National Office of Social Security of Republic of Moldova.
From the 2011 Mihai held the position of National Consultant for the Ministry of Justice to support the monitoring process of law enforcement, under the auspices of the United Nations Development Programme.
Last three years Mihai was counselor and later chief of staff of the chairman of parliamentary group in Moldovan National Parliament. He provided legal assistance and counseling to two former Prime-ministers of Republic of Moldova, who (one of them before, second one after termination of mandate) lead the Parliamentary Group from 2013 to 2016.
Mihai holds a Bachelor degree in Law and a Master of Laws degree.