High Level Advisers Assistants

Our Assistants
Violeta Prepelita
Field: Assistant to EU High Level Adviser on Food Safety
Ms Prepelita has over 10 years of experience in project assistance, being involved in activities implemented by different international donors. Violeta started her career in project assistance in 2005 in European Commission Food Security Programme dealing with food safety and animal health and welfare issues. Working in the Sanitary Veterinary Agency in 2008, Violeta had experience in establishing bilateral communication with national and international counterparts and representing the Competent Authority within various activities and events. She was also involved in projects implemented in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry related to development of animal diseases surveillance and alert system and development of sanitary and phytosanitary systems regarding non-animal food exports. Almost 5 years Violeta worked in the Ministry of Health within projects implemented by the World Bank, European Union, Japanese International Cooperation Agency in fields related to construction of medical facilities and endowment with equipment.
Marta Rudi
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Energy
Institution: Ministry of Economy
Marta Rudi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Law and a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management, both at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. Before joining HLA Mission Project team, Marta worked in the Moldovan energy sector, being involved in activities related to external collaborations with foreign energy regulatory agencies and international organizations involved in energy activities. She has also experience with foreign assistance projects and international partnerships. In her previous professional activity, Marta has acquired a good knowledge of Moldovan energy sector and energy legislation.
Elena Trocin
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Economy and Trade in the context of DCFTA
Elena Trocin holds a Master in Psychology and Psycho-Pedagogy from State Pedagogical University from Tiraspol in Chisinau and now she is actively working on her PhD. She started her carrier as psychologist at the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention from Moldova. After that, she has been working for several international projects as project assistant such as TACIS 2 and two World Bank’s financed projects implemented by the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family and by the Ministry of Health.
Cristina Umanet
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Anticorruption
Having licentiate degree in Spanish and English Languages as well as in Business Law, Cristina has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in translation and interpretation, being employed as translator/interpreter on ad hoc (freelancer) and regular bases by various EU and USAID funded projects. She also gained experience in working as local facilitator, providing assistance and support during Deloitte Consulting missions to Moldova. Cristina is detail oriented and reliable person, open for new knowledge and committed to meet deadlines.
Cornelia Ursu
Field: Assistant to EU High-Level Adviser on Education
Cornelia Ursu started her career as a university teacher of English. Since 2006 Cornelia has been providing translation/interpretation services for projects funded by international donor organizations and implemented in Moldova in various areas such as public administration, HR management in civil service, road and irrigation infrastructure and environment. While working closely with the communication departments, she used to provide support in organization of public events and other logistical arrangements to the project teams.
Olga Usurelu
Field: Assistant to EU High Level Adviser on Customs
Olga holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master’s degree in Advanced European and International Studies. She has worked 5 years in various positions in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, incl. Committee for Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Cabinet of the Speaker, which has given her the opportunity to obtain skills in reviewing the national legal framework, relevant researches, reports and EU best practices in legislative processes and policy making, related inclusive to DCFTA. Prior to the European Union High-Level Advisers’ Mission to the Republic of Moldova, Olga was involved in the private sector and worked for an important foreign investment project in Moldova.