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Inguss Kalnins
Inguss Kalnins
Country: Estonia Latvia
Field: Justice
Institution: Ministry of Justice
Since 2012, Inguss has been Deputy State Secretary on Strategic Affairs at the Ministry of Justice of Latvia. Performing high level policy and strategic advising to the Minister of Justice and to the Cabinet of Ministers with more than 10 years of experience in public administration, EU law and justice policy. Inguss has proven experience in advising and supervising an effective and timely implementation of acquis at the Governmental level as well as developing, monitoring and implementing different justice strategies. He successfully planned and organized Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU for the Ministry of Justice in 2015. He has been effectively supervising multi-million euro worth projects at the Ministry of Justice and representing the Government before the European Court of Justice since 2011.

His current assignment at Ministry of Justice is to provide policy advice on the transparency, independence and effectiveness justice system. He is working towards reformed and effective integrity system in the judiciary to contribute towards the reforms that would accelerate public trust in judges and their decisions. Independence is a fundamental right that goes hand in hand with responsibility. Inguss is working to ensure that the combination of these principles is applied in judiciary.