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Marian Tutilescu
Marian Tutilescu
Country: Estonia Romania
Field: Police Reform
Institution: General Police Inspectorate
Marian Tutilescu has been advising the General Police Inspectorate of the Republic of Moldova since 2014. His previous experience included being Secretary of State, Head of European Affairs, International Relations and Schengen Department within the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs (2009 – 2013). In this capacity he represented Romania during the Justice and Home Affairs Minister Council meetings and was directly involved in the Romanian cooperation with international organisations and the EU institutions. Prior to this appointment, he had been working for over 30 years within the Romanian Police, holding high management positions such as Head of County Police Inspectorate for 10 years, Deputy Head of Romanian Police, Head of Bucharest Police for 6 years, where among the standard duties, was involved in fulfilling the requirements in the field of home affairs, for Romania’s accession into the EU.
Mr. Tutilescu holds a PhD degree in Police studies and a Master's degree in Criminal Science, both from Romanian National Police Academy.

Mr. Tutilescu’s current assignment in the General Police Inspectorate includes policy advice in the field of Police Reform with the main goal of developing a modern and efficient Police Force, close to the citizens, with well-trained staff and adequately equipped in order to contribute to the prevention of crime and to enhance citizens’ sense of public safety. EU HLA in the field of Police Reform is also providing support in the structural reform of the General Police Inspectorate with the aim of improving its institutional capacities by using modern tools, equipment and technologies in order to become as effective as similar bodies from the EU countries.