High Level Advisers Assistants

Field: Assistant of the EU High-Level Adviser on Anti-money laundering and Asset Recovery
Teodor has started his career as an Economist at the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), within the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Unit. After leaving the NBM he joined the investment industry in a private equity and venture capital firm. Later in 2016, he undertook a key position in an I.T. & Consulting company.

Teodor holds a Bachelor degree in Finance and a Master Degree in Investments and Capital Markets from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. Currently he is defending his PhD in a topic related to ML/FT risks in the banking system. His positions allowed him to receive hands-on experience within the following: AML/CFT policies and international standards, financial data Interpretation and analysis, banking supervision, asset management etc.
Lucia Arsenii
Field: Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Energy
Lucia Arsenii has more than 8 years experience in the energy sector. Working as a project expert for almost 7 year at Energy Efficiency Fund, the institution responsible for financing and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, she gained deep knowledge on projects management and became familiar with national and EU policy framework in the energy field. She has good communication skills, acquired by making presentations during various events and participating in TV and radio shows.

Lucia holds a Master in Energy and Environment and a bachelor degree in Engineering and Management in Energetics.
Oana Butnaru
Field: Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Justice & Prosecution
Following graduation from the State University of Moldova, Faculty of Philology, Oana pursued her career as an interpreter both simultaneous and consecutive. In this capacity, she provided services (free lance and full-time) for various international institutions and agencies among which the US Department of Justice, the US Department of Defense, USAID, SIDA, World Bank-Moldova, the US Embassy in Moldova etc. For the past three years, she was involved in the public sector, namely the judicial system, where she had the opportunity to translate legal documents, including the National Strategy for the Integrity and the Independence of the Justice sector for 2020-2023.
Ala Camerzan
Field: Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Green Transition
Ala Camerzan has over 6 years of experience in supporting programmes and projects’ implementation within UNDP Moldova in the environment field, gaining valuable project management skills and deep knowledge on UN Sustainable Development Goals focused on Environmental sustainability and resilience in the Republic Moldova.

She has excellent leadership and communication skills acquired and developed through volunteering experience within the Youth in Action Program in the fields of environmental protection, as well as extensive experience of working harmoniously and effectively with other people from a wide range of backgrounds and countries during her international experience.

Ala holds an international Master of Science in Business Economics and Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.
Cezara Cebanu
Field: Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Education and Research
Cezara has previous work experience in diplomacy sector for the Moldovan Consulate in Padua, Italian Republic. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Philology, Specialization: Italian Language and Literature, English Language from Moldova State University.

After the Master Degree in European Integration: EU policies and project management, University of Padua, and ten years of life in Italy, Cezara decided to return to Moldova, willing to contribute to the development of her own country in taking over European good practices.

As a translator and assistant within the EU Twinning Project in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, aimed at promoting Moldovan cultural heritage, she was instrumental in designing and organizing high-impact activities with representatives from the VET and higher education sector.
Sergiu Cotorobai
Field: Assistant of the EU High-Level Adviser on Local Public Administration Reform
Sergiu holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations and European Studies and a Master Degree in International Development, both from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. Before joining HLA Mission Project team, Sergiu worked as a Project Co-ordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Moldova, in the Public Affairs Section and also at the Organisation for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) in the Press Office team.

During his Master Degree, Sergiu was the beneficiary of a scholarship for a research at the Chisinau City Hall, ''Administrative reform in Moldova and decentralization in the context of transition to democracy and European Integration''. The research has become an important part of his Master thesis.
Raresa Galaicu
Field: Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Customs and Tax Policy
Raresa graduated from Moldova State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, holding a Bachelor degree in English and Swedish languages and a Master degree in Applied Linguistic, English / Romanian languages. Raresa has over 10 years of hands-on experience in translation and interpretation, being also a sworn interpreter/translator certified by the Ministry of Justice. Since 2015, Raresa has worked in three European twinning projects, in different fields: metrology/ standardization, agriculture and customs, gaining valuable knowledge on EU best practices and approximation with EU legislation. Raresa has also working experience in anti-corruption projects implemented by the Council of Europe Moldova.
Marcela Luchita
Field: Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Confidence Building Measures
Marcela Luchita has economic studies with a bachelor's degree in public services and 2 master's degrees in Tourism economy and Management. Also, she holds a doctoral degree in Pedagogy.

Marcela has working experience in both private and state sectors and an extensive assistance experience in donor-funded projects. During 5 years, she performed a wide range of tasks within the Millennium Challenge Account Moldova, the implementation unit of the Compact Program – an assistance program provided to the Republic of Moldova by the U.S. Government, with major investments directed to address the constraints to the economic development.

Before joining the EU High Level Advisers' Mission Project team, Marcela worked as a Twinning Residence Adviser assistant in the European Union Twinning Project concerning preservation and conservation of cultural heritage. The initiatives referring to the conservation-restoration of two major cultural/historical complex of importance to the communities on both banks was part of the Confidence Building Measures implemented together with UNDP. During this assignment, Marcela was responsible for the smooth running of this collaboration and for achieving the core scope.
Cristina Umanet
Field: Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Anticorruption
Having licentiate degree in Spanish and English Languages as well as in Business Law, Cristina has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in translation and interpretation, being employed as translator/interpreter on ad hoc (freelancer) and regular bases by various EU and USAID funded projects. She also gained experience in working as local facilitator, providing assistance and support during Deloitte Consulting missions to Moldova. Cristina is detail oriented and reliable person, open for new knowledge and committed to meet deadlines.
Marina Zarija
Field: Assistant of the EU High Level Adviser on Financial Services