15 Mar 2022

Two new EU High Level Advisers have joined the Mission in the Republic of Moldova

Two new EU High Level Advisers – in the fields of Diplomatic and European Affairs and Reforms Coordination, accordingly – have recently started their assignment in the Republic of Moldova. With the recent members of the team, the total number of EU High Level Advisers currently serving in the country totals fourteen.

The EU High Level Adviser on Diplomatic and European Affairs, Jan Tombinski, will provide his advice to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. A career diplomat, Mr Tombinski had previously been Head of EU Delegation to the Holy See/UN, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU, Ambassador of Poland in France, and also held several top managerial positions in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr Tombinski will provide assistance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration on strengthening internal coordination mechanisms, supporting the consolidation of a proactive approach towards promoting the priorities of the foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova on the European and international arenas. The High Level Adviser will contribute to enhancing the efficiency of the diplomatic service, further consolidate Moldova’s external relations, and advance its partnership with EU.

The EU High Level Adviser on Reforms Coordination, Dragos Ciuparu, will provide his advice to the Prime-Minister’s Office. Mr Ciuparu’s most recent position was that of State Secretary within the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization of Romania; previously he held several positions in the academic sector, advisory position within the Romanian Presidential Administration and also international assignments in Kosovo and Moldova. Mr Ciuparu’s assignment will imply strategic advice to the Prime Minister on policy planning, development and coordination, strengthening the central administration’s capacity to carry out reforms and monitor their implementation, to improve the quality of governance and advance the European integration process. The EU HLA will support inter-institutional coordination, to ensure synergy and complementarity of actions in different sectors, and maximize the advancement of reforms.

Besides the fields mentioned above, currently serving EU HLAs offer advice in the following sectors: Anti-Money Laundering and Asset Recovery, Anticorruption, Confidence Building Measures, Customs and Tax Policy (Domestic Revenue Mobilisation), Education and Research, Energy, Financial Services, Green Transition, Internal Security Affairs, Justice and Prosecution, Local Public Administration Reform, including Decentralization and Voluntary Amalgamation, and Strategic Coordination and European Affairs.

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